Big Brother Spoilers – Kristen Bitting SHERDOG Girl Technique of the Week

Past Big Brother Hottie Kristen Bitting has a new gig as one of the Sherdog Technique of the week girls.

You’ll probabaly best remember Kristen for her stint on Big BRother 12 looking killer wearing the hippie tard, Battling Boy George (“Floaters grab your life vests .. KRISTEN”) and posing in a series of Solid Big Brother N*des.

Kristen’s has been busy and from the looks of things she’s leveraged her Big Brother Fame into a modeling and acting career.

Here’s a excerpt from the Techniques of the week

“Reverse Triangle from Single leg Position

This is a very common position in MMA fighting and a lot of people tend to get stuck in this position. The reverse triangle is unpredictable and hard to prepare for. “

OBB wishes Kristen’s all the best in her new MMA en-devour and has thrown their hats in the Octagon if Kristen ever needs to demonstrate some more MMA moves. Perhaps a Peruvian neck tie, Rubber guard or a omoplata… OBB is here to help :)

BIG BROTHER 14 is a GO!! get your application ready Check out the rules here . Big Brother 14 Casting Calls Should be known in March so prepare now and get on the show. Give Simon, Dawg and the millions of fans something exciting to watch.

Thanks for the links Chad!

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10 thoughts on “Big Brother Spoilers – Kristen Bitting SHERDOG Girl Technique of the Week

    1. i imagine a lot of people would like to volunteer to wrestle Kirsten. it didn’t seem like Kirsten lasted a week after she stood up to Rachel.
      Talk about name-calling Simon, (Boy George), lol, i was a big Dani too.

      1. Oddly enough, Rachel and Kirsten have become good real-life friends. They invite each other to Las Vegas parties and such. They have a lot of the same Vegas mutual friends, since both have lived there. BB makes more lasting friendships than you realize : Like, Evel Dick & Dan Gheesling……Shelley Moore & Evel Dick….Dan & Jordan…..Howie & Evel Dick…..Matt & Rachel….Brendon & Jeff….and the list goes on and on.

  1. Rachel, Better think twice if you go through Kristen face. She will make you tap. Brendon, better protect Rachel. Kristen is dangerous.

  2. MTV is going to have Bully Beatdown! Kristen is it. Bullies (Female Bullies) Beware, Because Kristen will come after you.

      1. Simon, It only a joke. If Kristen Wins competition. She probably end up audition for MTV Bully Beatdown. Jason “Mayhem” Miller will host again. So, Female bullies Beware. Kristen will kick your ass.

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