Big Brother Canada Talla has to Showmance it up with Peter to save the Showmances

POV Holder: TOM Next POV March 9th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Gary & Suzette
Current Nominations: Suzette & Aj
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian


12:13AM Kitchen Talla, Andrew, Gary, Alec, Aneal, Topaz, AJ Random chit chat all over the place i’ll list off some of the interesting comments.
Talla about AJ: “We’re strictly Playtononic”. They question if that is even a word. She says “50 cent” said it in a rap once.
Alec has wanted to be on Big Brother since Season 2, “I love this sh1t”
Alec wants to continue being a research psychologist the only reason why he would quit would be ifg he found out he was no good at it.
Alec wants to Have kids but not right now he wants to be more established with his job and live.
Topaz wants a really big Family.
Gary is done with school, he wants to start his own clothing boutique. Gary and Aneal start to “bond” they are having a conversation about their dreams. Apparently all the gems Gary attached to his forehead using eye lash glue are still on his head.

Topaz and Talla start to wrestle..


12:30AM Head of Household Tom and While the house is downstairs chatting and getting to know each other the King is up in the HOH bedroom with Liza

Tom says a lot of funny things while laying in bed with Liza. He’s worried that after the show if they go out for dinner there will be paparazzi. Liza knows a guy who has slept with over 400 different girls. Tom: “That’s a lot of p**ntang”


12:36AM Gary and Aneal alone in the kitchen chatting about Liza wanting them to do their dirty work. Gary: “B1tch you do that yourself” Gary says that Tom and and Liza have been upstairs working on their Script. Gary: “Aneal if you trust her I will trust her do you trust her” Aneal says he does a bit in the short term. Topaz and Aj join them..


12:40AM Living Room Couch Topaz and AJ
Topaz: “wait… close your nostrils.. I just farted and it smells like slop”
Topaz: “do you think i’m too harsh on Alec”
AJ: “Ya but he loves it.. I know you like him and he likes you”
AJ explains that when you are in the house it’s easier to get wrapped up with people but when ou get out it’s a entirely different thing. Aj tells her that Long distance relationships never work he’s tried it before. Topaz says she has a Couch date with Alec. Aj leaves to go to bed. (Everyone in bed except for Topaz and Alec)


12:50AM Couch Date Topaz and Alec
Alec asks Topaz if she’s told Talla to go hang out with Pete. Topaz says yes.
Topaz explains that she talked to Talla after she had her meeting with King Tom and then she talked to Gary who was also in the meeting and the stories were different. Talla’s story was “Sugar coated” Topaz: “I can’t trust Talla 100% ”
Topaz also brings up that Tom was asking her and Talla about the girls alliance and Talla automatically thought she had said something to Tom. Tom apparently went on a tirade about people wanting to keep Suzette in the house and how it’s the house going against him. Topaz: “Talla is running her mouth around the house it’s crazy”
Topaz is trying to get Talla to hook up with Peter so that Peter feels safe and they can drop Liza. This plan was first put forward by Alec becuase Alec trust Peter and wants to keep him onboard but knows that LIza is gunning after the shomances. They both laugh at Aj standing in the way of the Peter/Talla showmance.
Topaz: “I don’t trust Pete”
Alec: “You should trust Pete.. if you trust me you should trust Pete”
Topaz Farts/burps a couple times throughout the conversation.. (Slop diet)

Peter said to Topaz that he doesn’t talk game talk with LIza. Topaz rightfully believes that this is total bullsh!t they all know that Liza talks game with everyone. Alec defends Peter says that he’s trying to get information for them. Topaz: “I can tell that He trusts her” (Peter and Liza) Topaz: “I’m sorry but I don’t trust Peter anymore… don’t tell him anything I tell you from now on” Alec: “I trust him 95%”

Topaz says that Liza wants to take Tom to the end, she adds that the girls alliance will never work.. They start to kiss. Alec: “it’s funny that at this time the most private part of the house is right in the middle of it”

They start to shomance it up

1:06pm Alec’s messed up spray tan


1:25AM Gary working on his brand



1:38pm AM Have nots room, Alec/topaz in one bed rubbing each other and Emmett/Jillian in the other bed doing the same thing.

2:00AM AJ’s Plan


2:00AM Gary working on his brand

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K I may get blasted for this but I have to say that I am getting a little tired of the whole Jillian/Emmett thing. It’s getting really predictable and boring.

A typical day for Jillian and Emmett:
Jillian cooks
Emmett follows her around the house
Jillian complains about being on slop, her sore leg and now her bad tan
Emmett loses sight of Jillian and goes to find her
Jillian cooks some more
Emmett touches her butt
They go to bed and play rubsies til they fall asleep
Then wake up and do it all over again.

None of the other two showmances are any better but this one is getting tiresome fast.


I agree…of all the “showmances” Jillian and Emmett are the most tiresome. I change the feeds to another camera if they’re on.

I’m also really tired of everyone going to bed so darn early! Where’s the late night scheming and silly antics? I finally get to watch the feeds and everyone is in bed by 2 am? :(

I fear Peter is falling too far under Liza’s spell and is forgetting his gameplan. Everyone needs to get Lisa out or they just may have to watch her get the cheque.


Where is Aneal? He is a have not. I’m getting a bit tired of Emmett and Jillian as well. In a weird way, I like the Tom and Liza flirtmance.


I’m tired of Jill, period.
She’s as smart as a duck blind;
inside – the waiting hunter.
When hunting season is over,
Emmett will simply punt her.

If the ‘mance was cover for TWO smart players, that would be great!
It’s not.
Is Emmett SO smart?
I don’t think so, but his GAME is good so far.
With Peter slipping (Don’t do it Talla!), there’s less heat on Em than just about anyone.


I just wanted to say thank you! I usually go to Jokers and Survivor Sucks for my updates, but not any more.

And for the record I really like the Emmett and Jill relationship. I find their dynamic really interesting to watch, and I’m dying to know what happens when Emmett has to choose between Tom and Jill. I’m not so sure it’ll be Tom anymore.


For a person who sleeps 18 hours a day, I think Topaz is a bit smarter than the house thinks. At least about “Which girl the guys most want for a showmance?” Yes, Alec is smart. But to me, Topaz, not Alec, is right on this one, and Alec should listen to Topaz here. (But will he?) Alec’s plan, to steer Peter towards Talla, will totally fail. (I can see why Alec would want it, from an overall game standpoint. But it’s just not do-able, from a *human* standpoint.) Topaz knows this already. Even though Talla is far hotter than Liza, Topaz knows that Peter both *is* a “brainiac,” and *goes for* braniacs. Who’s the #1 BBCA female brainiac? Liza. Despite Liza “belonging to Tom” right now, that’s still 100% where Peter’s “babe focus” is. Topaz knows Peter has *no* interest at all in the “space cadet hottie” Talla. (Who makes me laugh a lot, by the way. I enjoy some “irreverent silly” mixed in with my BB! And both Talla’s mind and her words bring me to some *very* weird places!)

I think, despite Peter’s words to the contrary, that his “Liza Pursuit” is the one thing that just *might* get him off his game a bit. Topaz senses that, too. Alec is oblivious to it. Because Alec is logical, whereas Topaz possesses this great “romance instinct.” (Jeez! Tom and Liza “together” for 3 weeks now, Andrew growing a beard now, just to try and get Liza to like him, and Peter pining for/rubbing Liza’s leg when he gets the chance? I am just *totally* missing out on what *all* these different guys see in Liza! But, no doubt – it’s there. Liza must’ve mixed some powerful male sex pheromones into her spray tan, or something!) :)


I think Pete’s pursuit AND his ego AND that he lacks more trust connections will hurt his game.
He’s lucky if Liza goes sooner, not later.

Next HOH – BIG – Emmett puts up AJ and Andrew, buds w/Andy to explain he wants to backdoor Liza!
BIG – Andrew puts up AJ and Peter, backdoors TOM!
blah – Gary wins, puts up AJ & Aneal.
AJ wins, uses the wrong conversation, noms himself….
OK, that’s just silly.


it looked like liza and tom were also fooling around before sleep it looked she was giving him a hj


I love love love Jillian and Emmett! Alec is getting played by Topaz! I really like Tom I think he keeps the game interesting. Liza can leave the house right now she drives me crazy I hate when she is on the feeds.


I really like Jillian and Emmett, they seem really cute together. I actually didn’t like Topaz that much at first but now she’s growing on me. I was so happy when she told Alec that she doesn’t trust Peter and Liza. GO TOPAZ!


Simon I’d like to know, what happened to your numbering system, you know, the one where each comment is numbered? Like 1, 1.1, 1.12 etc etc.


I literally felt nauseous when Tom was saying “Alec is a nerd in a good body..or okay body. He doesn’t have the jock swagger that Emmett and I have.” No Tom, Alec is just a nice guy with a nice body..unlike you who is just a pretentious a$$h0le


I wish Tom would “go AJ”
and slap himself silly
then run around nude
displaying “King Willie”!
Is it really a gherkin
or a big Dill-y?

Whoa – I’d better tune out awhile.


Liza is really wearing on me. What I don’t get is how she has 3 guys liking her, as if she was hot or something. I don’t see it. She is a snake and I hope she gets blindsided very soon. I was glad to see Aneal and Gary bonding a bit. They need to stick together if they want to stay in the house. They need to get to Talla and open her eyes to LIza’s lies and also make her see that as long as Tom, Liza, Emmett and Jillian are together, the rest of the house has no chance at the prize. All of the stragglers need to realize that they are running out of people to evict. The 9 is another lie, and they need to start cutting the alpha males and Liza while they still have the numbers. Alec and Peter need to rethink the quatro alliance. I am becoming more and more disappointed in Peter as the days go by. I thought he was a smart guy, but he just doesn’t see that Liza is not to be trusted. I could understand it if she was a super hot babe, but she’s not. I want someone other than one of the 4 and their showmances to win the HOH tomorrow. Go Andrew!!