Emmett: “HEY 10 peoples dreams have been crushed we have to crush 3 more”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)


Andrew: “You ever get a BIG ZIT on you butt”
Emmett: “It’s a ingrown hair”
Andrew: “Whatever I don’t really have a hairy Butt”
Emmett: “I have no hair on my butt”

Andrew says he’s excited to go through with the Have nots, “I’m going to lose weight” Emmett warns him that he’s going to feel tired and drained.


11:00 HOH Jillian Emmett
Emmett: “You need to figure out what is going on tomorrow.. Do you know what you are doing”
Jillian: “The Diary room just blew my mind a bit”
Emmett: “Of what to do?”
Jillian: “I think I’m going to put up Talla and what’s his face.. Peter”
Emmett: “OK”
Jillian: “And if one of us wins POV we’ll think about what we’ll do.. I think we should do some thinking about getting rid of Andrew… It’s important because.. He’s lost trust in you””
Emmett: “Pete will take you and Talla he’ll take me out.. Pete will take me out to”
Jillian: ”Either one of them will but Who do you want to win against”
Emmett: “I don’t know”
Emmett: ‘I hate Talla i hate her so much.. She will put me up next week for sure”
Jillian: ‘Get over we’re not getting rid of her.. You have to decide who to get out Peter or Andrew”
Emmett: “People will have to get rid of me before they get rid of you”
Jillian: “You tell me what you want to do and I’ll do it”
Emmett: “err i’ll have to think about it… If we put Pete up we lose his trust for next week”
Jillian: ‘We’ll we can bring Pete up and tell him what the plan is”
Emmett: “No.. because Andrew is in the Diary room.. and I don’t want to deal with it.. I told Pete i’ll talk to him tomorrow”
Jillian: ‘We’ll I haven’t talk to Pete yet.. He’s probably scared shitless.. I need to talk to Pete”
Emmett begins instructing Jillian what she should tell Pete.
Emmett: “ Listen pete I know you an emett have a huge trust thing.. there is two big threats in this game you and Andrew… Emmett trusts you but we don’t know where Andrew stands I (He’s talking about Jillian) don’t want Andrew coming after me next week if he wins veto so I’m going to put you up Pete you are going up beside Talla and then when we win Veto we’ll take you off.. “
Jillian: “And put Andrew up”
Emmett: “That is what we want to do.. Andrew goes home” (This is what they are telling Peter)_
Emmett: “There is about a 10 to 15% chance that Andrew will go thru with this plan. .Hmm maybe 20% MAX” (LOL OMG very exact of you Emmett.. using your Mentat abilities)
Jillian thinks that Emmett scared him by time by not putting up Peter.
Jillian says Andrew wants Jillian to turn on Emmett, Andrew trust has gone down to 80%

Emmett suggests that Jillian talk to Andrew and make him think she’s tossing around the idea of putting up Emmett. Emmett instructs her to act jokingly but when she asks Andrew about maybe putting up Emmett she must look into his eyes and just see what he says.
He adds that she should mention that She’s told Emmett many time that this is just a game.. “Just see what he says.. and if the MOther****er goes along with it we get his a$$ out of here”

Emmett goes on about Andrew being the type of person that jokes around so Jillian can slip it in when they chat. (Stooge banter) .

Emmett tells Jillian that every single player that is left in the game is going to hate them.

Jillian goes over what she will say to Peter. Emmett starts in on what she what she should say to Pete.

Emmett: “Listen Pete i’m putting you up against Talla Emmett thinks this is a bad idea but I have to do it for my game.. trust me you are not the target but keep this between me and you” (OMG)
Emmett adds to the instructions “trust me I cannot put Andrew up because he’ll come after me and I can’t play on HOH next week.. you have to understand that”

They’re planning to tell Peter and Talla are being nominated and they will take out Andrew or Talla and they will tell Talla their target is Peter.


Jillian and Peter

Jillian: “Umm OK I have some serious game to talk .. this is my master plan that came up 2 seconds ago tell me if you have a better one.. it does includes you going up on the block and you are not the target and I cannot tell you that enough” (Jillian laughs a lot in between what she is saying..)

Jillian: “This is what I am thinking.. OK you want to hear it.. I’m going to be straight up I’m going to be honest”
Jillian: “I know you Emmett trusts you 100% I know you have a deal going and I trust you 100%.. no not really i’m going to go for 85%.. no i’m just kidding it’s hard to trust someone 100%.. “
Peter: “um hmm”
Jillian: “But I do trust you in this game and I believe.. and I want to take you and Emmett to the final three.. I don’t know what you think.. I want to take you to the final 3 because I think that taht would be the craziest thing in the world”
Peter: thats what I want to”
Jillian: “If i put you and Talla on the block.. Talla is scared shitrless about going up. .she won’t win POV”

(Jillian almost sounds like she’s turned into Talla)







12:00AM The bath Tub

Emmett: “Hey HEY 10 peoples dreams have been crushed we have to crush 3 more”

Jillian and Emmett are whishy washy like crazy. They want to take Talla to the final 3 and are playing it as safe as they can with Peter and Andrew. Emmett really wants her to talk to Andrew and tell him she’s thinking about taking out Emmett (See above)
Emmett says it comes down with a scenario where Andrew has to say he’s either going to backstab them or not. If he doesn’t backstab them they’ll bring him with. (Glitter gary)
Jillian and Emmett agree if Andrew wins HOH next week Jillian and Talla will be going up on the block. Jillian: ‘What if Talla wins” Emmett: “Me and you .. every scenario you are going up on the block.. doesn’t mean you are going home”
Jillian :’That is why we should put Andrew and Talla on the block”
Emmett: ‘I’ve already talked to Talla she knows she’s going up as a pawn.. she sucks at this game and is going to make it to final 3 and she’s as happy as a pig in shit.. seriously.. I just gave it to her and she was ohh YAH I love you milkman .. I told her she f****ing sucked at life” (LOL the screencap below shows Jillian laughing)


(Video is uploading)


1:00AM Bedroom Peter and Emmett

Emmett tells Peter he might go up on the block. Peter explains if it’s Talla and him on the block and Andrew wins POV he’ll save Talla and Emmett has to go up and then they are F***ed. Peter: “She just has to lie to Andrew for two days tell him he’s safe and Talla is the target” Peter says that it’s a simple lie to Andrew, “It’s perfectly Rational he will understand it it.. if not we really run the risk of you and I being up there”

1:07AM HOH Emmett and Jilllian

Emmett brings up if they put Talla and Peter up and Andrew wins POV he’ll save Talla and he has to go up. Emmett is worried if he goes up Andrew and Talla will vote him out. Emmett thinks the only way to prevent this scenario from happening is to put Andrew and Peter up.

Emmett: “you have to Tell Andrew this is the only Guarantee I won’t go home this week”
Emmett: “If pete wins.. he could take one of them off to.. but he won’t “ (If they put up Andrew and Talla)
Jillian: ‘I gotta go to sleep”
Emmett: “Fu*** if Pete wins… ”

Jillian: “lets just hold true to our word what are we getting all crazy for.. I want to keep to our alliance”

Emmett: “HEY you make a deal with Talla if you don’t put her up and she wins Veto she doesn’t use it”

Emmett: “it’s going to be Andrew and Peter thats the only way .. “
Jilian: “Do you realize if Peter wins the veto one of them is going home”
Emmett: “I’ll be like Andrew we put Talla up and she goes home”
Jillian: “If Peter wins Veto Andrew goes home if peter doesn’t win the veto Peter goes home”

(Seriously the game talk has been going around in circles for hours.. I’m exhausted by it. )

(Video Coming.. it’s long)

BTW OBB readers if you want to see Emmett’s d*ng click here https://bigbrotherspoilers.tumblr.com/post/47844253608

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Emmett always seems so rapey with Jillian, geez.


honestly I was rooting for E/J up until Jillian won this HOH. both E & J are getting so cocky now, each hour that goes by I like them a lot less. I was happy when alec got evicted but now I actually hope they bring back Alec and he evicts one of them. Andrew is still my fav


Emmett is basically screwing Jillian’s game for her. He’s setting up all of these lies that will inevitably be exposed at one point or another and people are not going to want to vote for her in the end. Emmett knows he’s tight with Andrew and Jillian’s getting close to Peter. They both have different plan Bs and if she lets him walk all over her, she can kiss her game goodbye.

Confused Parent
Confused Parent

I’m really annoyed with Emmett, right now. I mean come on, just one more week, wait until you get what’s his face Peter out than you can get Andrew. I’m afraid if Peter isn’t taken out right now he’ll make it to the finals and i don’t want that,(’cause I don’t like him). Maybe this is just because i like Andrew, but I’m thinking Emmett is making himself look like such a douche.


The good teacher Jillian was just jacking Emette off under the covers (oh my God) and they cut the feeds.I hope you got that Simon .Emette was breathing real heavy and you could see by the covers moving what they were doing.This chick is unbelievable .


Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! See, even more degrading to her. Do they not realize the cameras pick everything up?!


Ok, seriously. Everyone left in the house doesn’t deserve to be in the house. Jillian is a freakin’ puppet, Emmett the puppet master. He’s an arrogant little piece of crap who degrades her and she lets him. As for Andrew, make up your freakin’ mind — you either like Talla or you don’t. You bad mouth her like crazy behind her back and to her face you baby her. Ridiculously annoying. Enough with your crazy accents and even stupider faces and jokes. JUST ENOUGH.

As for Pete. Enough with the damn Liza elastic. Give it up — is this the first time a girl gave you any attention? I mean, she plays you in the house and you have been worshiping at the church of Liza since her eviction. Oh and your DR sessions – crazy annoying, you sound like a DB car salesmen — and stop screaming, the mic will pick up even you whispering you DB!

Talla, well don’t get me started. Spoiled little rich girl — at least that’s how she comes across. How did she even survive life before BB? The girl is clueless.


Lighten up, Francis.


I have a bad feeling that the nice guy, the guy with the biggest balls, the guy who said the funniest things, the guy who values the integrity of the game – ANDREW – is about get screwed by his ‘besty’ from the beast coast – EMMETT. I hope he gets Canada’s Favourite Player, at least. :(


Epiphany Time:

THIS week is the first time there will be no host for POV comp so I believe it will be the OTEV comp which I think would normally favor Andrew or Peter but with Andrew on slop I see Peter winning a 3rd consecutive POV. My reason is Jill/Emmett haven’t fared as well on occurrences in the house & Talla will get flustered.

Also the fact Jemmett is now saying they are going to put up Peter/Andrew highlights to Peter they don’t trust him so now he’ll gun to win HOH next week & put them up b/c they back stabbed him too. Peter telling Emmett he couldn’t go on block with Talla b/c Emmett could go up if Andrew won & Emm using that info to STILL put up Pete is going to cost one of the milkmance F3 (IMO) whether it’s Peter or Andrew who leaves whoever stays will know for certain Jemmett is heartless & are only concerned with reaching F2. At some point, whoever remains on the block (if both don’t) will exchange info with each other regarding what’s been said by Jemmett concerning the other which will ONLY benefit the one not on the block who remains.

On a side note; I’m wondering if Jill is actually paving the way to take Talla to F2 given her convo tonight saying they NEED to keep Talla for F3. Have to admit I’d really enjoy her cutting Emmett at F3 in fact I’d gain even more respect for her. If she’s going to cut everyone’s throat she may as well cut her showmance too. Right?

Sadly its likely a moot point as whether Glitter or Alec return IMO their #1 objective will be to get one of the milk-mance OUT.

On a side note; Emmett’s paranoia about Andrew is kind of interesting b/c he is telling Jill to do this test with Andrew & what he hasn’t thought about is whether Jill would tell him the truth regarding Andrew’s response. She made Alec’s conversation out to be “Threats” when really he was just being honest/unemotional. Furthermore, why wouldn’t Andrew consider it b/c if Emmett went to him with the same info on Jill wouldn’t he expect Andrew to go along? Emmett is actually starting to show signs of losing it b/c he EXPECTS everyone to do what he says & wants & isn’t factoring in the basic principle that everyone is there on equal footing. Interesting times at BB Can.

Jemmett has been in power for WAY too long in the past few weeks & now it’s catching up to them. Hardly ever has a two person team won pretty much everything so momentum is bound to shift. Let’s see what havoc is created by the noms & subsequent POV. I have to admit I’d like to see Peter stay b/c if he’s nominated I know he’ll gun for Jemmett with a view to taking out Emm next week & sadistically I really want to see what happens with Jillian on the block for the first time & Emmett beside her. Will they go after each other? Will they lose their cool?

Finally, as of today Andrew has experienced almost everything in the house now that he is on slop. He has yet to be on the block a full week so perhaps the odds point in that favor. Then there will only be one of two things left for him to experience make it to the Final competition or go to Jury House. Which will it be?

Shakira Stan

I used to like Emmett but he’s gotten so cocky! All these people are so fucking boring, I want Glitter back. I know he can work Talla and convince her to put Emmett up… Hopefully…


Gary will be returning to the house on Thursdays episode.


In the jury house, do the jurors get to watch the diary room confessions? Or do they just get to see the competitions? I don’t remember how it worked in Big Brother US.. :s


Am I the only one who doesnt like Andrew?


Nope…me too. I can’t stand his a$$. He thinks he’s so funny and makes the weirdest comments — the voices he does are annoying as are his faces. And all their damn east coast accents — ABOOT! Don’t know what you’re talking ABOOT! It’s ABOUT!!! ABOUT!!! ABOUT!!!!


I’d love to know what the DR’s are asking the house guests b/c honestly Peter seems to be the only one who is thinking strategically;

* he knows Emm is paranoid so he playing upon that; point in case he explains to Emmett if Talla/Andrew don’t go up together then Andrew can win POV & take down Talla resulting in Em going up & getting voted out! This resulted in the first time since Emm won HOH Thurs that I saw him actually panic a bit.

* he knows Jill needs to be coddled so he is playing on that by having real conversations with her where he asks her what she thinks after leading her by the nose to get her where he wants. Jill even agreed that if Emmett, her or Peter won then Peter would come off the block! ANOTHER PROMISE! Does he know she’ll not do what she said again & hence is setting her up to take her to F2 where he says Look you lied to everyone & broke EVERY promise you ever made but I was loyal to Alec & I didn’t use the veto when Emmett asked me not to & I pointed out when you (JEM) were in jeopardy. It’s a pretty strong case to beat her if they get there.

* he knows Talla explodes easily so he is tempting/laughing with Emm to spur that on

* AND he knows Andrew should have gone last night so he is planting seeds with Emmett. Have to admit I’m glad Peter at least introduced this to Emmett & I guess he felt if he did that he risked everyone gunning for him if he didn’t do what they wanted. Peter is playing more passive aggressive thinking by doing what Emmett wanted he shows a sign of loyalty/commitment & is bargaining that they’ll view him as the safer more loyal bet.

* by pointing out to Emmett the risk of not putting Andrew up he is once again proving his loyalty to Jemmett b/c THEY NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT POSSIBILITY & coupled with him doing what they wanted last night Jem really has no reason to doubt him

What I find mind boggling is Jill once again is making ridiculous promises to all the potential noms:

To Andrew: You won’t go on the block & Peter is the target, we are solid for F3

To Talla: You won’t go home we want you in F3

To Peter: We will take you off the block & we want you in F3

Only ONE of those scenarios can be accurate. Does she not see how many deals she has made & then double crossed on? Seriously how can anyone in that house trust her word?

And as for Emmett; the puppet master is equally at fault b/c he is getting Jill to go plant seeds like asking her to go to Andrew with the fake take-out to see where his allegiance truly lies. He is setting up Andrew to fail & he thinks by getting Jill to do his dirty work it tarnishes her but ultimately he’ll be viewed as dirty as she is for making her do it.

The best result this week will be for Peter to win POV just to see the scramble of the Beast Coast alliance & see whether they explode telling & expose everyone’s lies & broken promises.


Jill went into DR and production told her a bunch of BS about Andrew so they wouldn’t vote out Peter. Just another instance of RIGGING by production.

“Jillian: “The Diary room just blew my mind a bit”
Emmett: “Of what to do?”
Jillian: “I think I’m going to put up Talla and what’s his face.. Peter”
Emmett: “OK”
Jillian: “And if one of us wins POV we’ll think about what we’ll do.. I think we should do some thinking about getting rid of Andrew… It’s important because.. He’s lost trust in you”


Do you really thing production gets involved and tells house guests info? I mean that would defeat the purpose of this game … why some people get info and not others. I suspected this when the had that instant eviction with Topaz. They set her up to fail.

Pretty trickster
Pretty trickster

Aww I don’t want Andrew to go home. Peter is soooo annoying in Dr his inflections are sooooo rehearsed. Come on Andrew!


I thought of a “sign” for the Milkman to use in DR –
arms out in front, hands clenched, moving up and down as if milking a cow… or controlling a puppet.

Jillian could call herself The Promisenator then stuff a handful of fingernails between her teeth.




can someone upload a video of jillian jerking emmett off under the covers plz?


I can say a million things here…but I’ll just make it simple with “why would you want to see that”


does anyone have vid, after bath and in the shower, missed but heard it got rather steamy in their and Jill slip, opening door on Emmett?

Bill from Halifax
Bill from Halifax

Jillian did open the shower door when getting out and inadvertently exposed Emmett, full frontal.

Jillian kept saying how sorry she was. Emmett said it was nothing. Jillian again started saying how sorry she was, explaining she didn’t mean to do that, wondered how much the camera might have seen, blah blah. Emmett just wanted her to shut up. He has said many times in the past that if something happens that you don’t want people to take notice of, STOP talking about it. Now people who may have missed the actual exposure (because it was on cam 4 and they were watching another cam,) they might see all Jillian’s conversations talking about it and wonder what happened and go looking for the pictures etc etc.

At least one full frontal picture has already been posted to one of the Updates sites along with a pretty funny thread discussing how well or poorly the actual flash compared to people’s expectations. LOL Not that we should be laughing at Emmett’s junk.