Big Brother Canada 3 Eviction Results Sindy Vs Brittnee

First full week of feeds are now over. What did you all think?

The week started with Risha being evicted by way of a Canada twisto twist vote. Followed by an endurance competition which had Bobby as the winner. His mantra was “No BLOOD on my hands” and he tried to stick to that throughout the week. Bobby’s alliance “The Chop Shop” was concerned about Johnny/Kevin. They feared Johnny’s social game and sneered at the way Kevin played the game “He’s only here for the camera”

The plan was to nominate Brittnee and Kevin. If the Power of Veto was used Johnny would go home if the POV wasn’t used it would be Kevin sent packing. Post competition Bobby made it clear that he wasn’t going to win the POV or he he wasn’t going to use it “No Blood on my hands”

Kevin ended up winning the Power of Veto but before the Veto Ceremony he overheard Sindy talking to a group of the girls. She said she was going to target two of the following “strong guys”, Graig, Godfrey, Bobby, Zach. Kevin went to the guys with this information and BAM Sindy is the target. During the POV ceremony Kevin gives a sassy speech and uses the veto on himself. Bobby nominates Sindy as the replacement nominee.

Sindy and Brittnee on the block. Sindy first tried to kiss/flirt her way to votes all while painting an ever increasing target on her back (Cuddles/kisses Jordan, Graig, Zach, Bobby, Kevin). Sindy mentioned to Willow that Brittnee wasn’t going to be much of a factor this season, “She’ll be a pawn every week”. If they keep Sindy in the game next week all the guys will be targeting her if they keep Brittnee the guys will target the next two strongest girls, Willow and Neaha. Naeha understood this and started to try and flip the vote, She needed to get 7 votes. (There was little to no chance Sindy was going to get those 7 votes.)

Throughout the night the houseguests were shown a cartoon called the Big Brother Zoo. It’s thought that this may have something to do with the head of household competition tonight.

Some more Exciting/important posts from the week


Alliances in the house

Week One there’s a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

Twitter Spoilers

(unconfirmed but usually very reliable)
Sindy evicted 12-0
Kevin wins HOH on True/False
Instant eviction this weekend
Special thanks to @hamsterwatch for providing these spoilers

Confirmed Spoilers from the “live” Show

Naeha votes to evict Cindy
Sarah votes to evict Cindy
Zach votes to evict Cindy
Jordan votes to evict Sindy
Godfrey votes to evict Sindy
Graig votes to evict Sindy
Kevin votes to evict Sindy
Johnny votes to evict Cindy
Ashleigh votes to evict Sindy
Pilar votes to evict Cindy
Bruno votes to evict Sindy

Evicted houseguest is Cindy

HOH competition is true false based on the Big Brother Zoo cartoon (The winner picks the next two people to compete)
Godfrey and Pilar – Godfrey wins
Naeha and Jonny – Naeha wins
Graig and Godfrey – Godfrey wins
Neaha and Sarah – Naeha wins
Godfrey and Bruno – Godfrey wins
Nahea and Willow – Neaha wins
Godfrey and Ashleigh – Ashleigh wins
Kevin and Jordan – Kevin wins
Naeha and Ashleigh – Ashleigh wins
Zach and Kevin – kevin wins
Brittnee and Ashleigh – Ashleigh wins
Kevin and Ashleigh – kevin wins

HOH winner is Kevin

Feeds go down from tomorrow afternoon until Sunday night after the show

What is instant eviction?

The head of household nominates two players. The house immediately votes to evict. NO POV is played, NO time to campaign.

Where’s the Live Feeds?

For the past two season BBCAN feeds are shutdown during the Easter long weekend for a instant eviction. Going by this historic evidence and the fact that AfterDark is not listed on the slice schedule leads me to believe there will be no feeds. The good news the first season we did get a feed leak so Simon and Dawg will still be watching to make sure we catch it.

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Was Naeha robbed or what… and now the entire house is probably mad that she picked them all. THIS SUCKS.


so basically only 4 people got the correct answers LOL


The girls should have spoken and made sure Naeha would be in final two. Ash beating her was really stupid and now the guys stay in control. ALL the girls knew Naeha was the one paying most attention.

another name
another name

does anyone else think godfrey just dropped his mask during hoh? he’s been trying to play less intelligent. it was working, he was placed at the bottom of the intelligence poll for the pool party. now he’s answering questions really fast and correctly. it’s only second hoh. is this the right time to drop the strategy?
as well imo the guys made it too clear who the target is? orders people get picked in for elimination trivia comps always say an awful lot.
I feel like kevin is a pretty big question mark in terms of nominations…


That HOH was very telling. Godfrey should have played dumb. Also poor Neha tried so hard and now she might leave.


omg i hope kevin puts up bobby and godfrey/graig


looks like naeha is going home


im sad for kevin though
he didn’t want to win hoh
got blood on his hand for no reason
doesnt even get the hoh room
so no pictures or letter


omg! Sindy almost got evicted!! By a vote of 6 to 5, Cindy got evicted over Sindy.
Simon, you are the best!! ;)


I predict Kevin will be singing the same tune as. Bobby to the house guests come nominations: I-Don’t-want-blood-on-my-hands!!!! So I’m going with what the house wants… LAME!!! I hope production pulls a Topaz and robs him of his HoH, LOLLL, I’m just saying!

Ps: Neaha is so over rated!!! All she has done in the game is have a similar name to Neda while looking like Grumpy cat… In other words: NOTHING!!!


I wonder what an Ashley HOH would look like? Not so sure it would actually be hers, especially at this point, and with her starry love-struck eyes. Now, I am wondering what Kevin will do, just glad it will be instant, and glad that he probably suspects it. I’m also not sure that it was smart for Naeha and Godfrey to be so obvious, but at the same time, they were both pursuing a divide and conquer strategy to ensure certain hgs did not win HOH. In some respects, NOW the lines have been drawn. Anyway, who do you think Kevin will nominate?

Kevins Noms
Kevins Noms

I think he will end up listening to his fake fort alliance partner Jordan and put up Naeha and Graig – ne from each side. Newport is taking over. Jordan and Zach are very well positioned for a deep run.


Kevin nominating Naeha after being nominated by Bobby and his group of guys will definitely put him in one of the most misted and stupidest player ever. Seriously, even though the chop shop is still in the shadows, it is very right in the face how Godfrey, Bruno and Graig are aligned and if he thinks he could squeeze in that trio as a fourth member will be stupid of him. If he is smart he would nominate one of the three guys and with Bobby as the “pawn” for putting him up last week. Eliminating Naeha now will only put the target on his back bigger as he is next in line after Johnny who is a threat to the Chop Shop. Kevin really needs to listen to Johnny his week, if he doesn’t I’ll throw in the towel and hope he leaves during the next HOH.


Simon,I have a black screen on live feeds but the small ones show feeds on.Can you help me fix this?


I tried that plus deleted cookies it didn’t help.Any other suggestions? Also wanted to tell you I love your site and read it every day thanks for all you do.


That didn’t work either Simon. It worked fine until yesterday then just went black last night.i don’t know how to get them back now. Yikes!!!!! what will I do without them? Thanks for your help anyway.


Is sarah a lesbian? Just curious. Usually the show had 1 gay guy but no lesbians.

another name
another name

sarah has a male partner, but has talked about dating both women and men. she identified herself as queer to kevin and jonny with a fluid sexuality, because she doesn’t like labels, and doesn’t feel that she is strictly gay or strictly straight.


Does Ashleigh have a bunch of warts on her back? Looked like that when she was in the hot tub