Big Brother Canada 2 – Sabrina tries to justify sleeping between two dudes..

POV Holder: Kenny Next POV ?
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony March 10
HOH Winner: Andrew Next HOH: March 13
Original Nominations: Paul & Neda
Current Nominations: Paul and Kyle
Last Evicted Houseguest Anick
Have Nots Rachelle, Neda, Heather and Sarah

BBCAN2-2014-03-11 06-20-11-565

9am Arlie wakes up and heads downstairs and out into the backyard. He gets into the pool and takes a swim. When he’s finished his swim he gets out and changes out of his bathing suit. He then heads inside the house. Big Brother then starts waking up the other house guests. In the bedroom – Ika is sitting on her bed waking up. Arlie comes in and takes off his shorts right in front of her showing his b*tt.

BBCAN2-2014-03-11 06-30-14-964

10:15am In the kitchen – Kenny, Andrew and Arlie are talking about random things. Andrew says I love to make music whether its through my mouth or my an*s. They guys laugh about how Sabrina slept up in the HOH room between Andrew and Kenny. Jon says that Sabrina commented on how cold it was …was her trying to justify to her gandmother it was okay to sleep between two dudes. All the guys laugh. Andrew says mean while Kenny and I were sweating it was so hot.

BBCAN2-2014-03-11 06-57-47-137


Big Brother gave the girls wax so they can wax their hair. Sabrina asks who wants to help me wax my v@-j@y-j@y?! Sabrina starts waxing herself in the bathroom. Sarah tell her she’ll help her. In the kitchen Paul complains about how Kyle and Adel were jumping on him last night while he was sleeping. Paul says come on dudes!! What was that?!

11:10am In the living room – Kenny, Jon, Arlie and Andrew talk about the POV competition. Jon talks about how Paul fell. He says Paul is the largest man he’s ever seen fall like that into the pool.


11:45am IN the bathroom – Neda and Rachelle are holding up a blanket so Sabrina can finish waxing her v@-j@y-j@y. Sabrina asks Neda for help. Neda starts helping. Jon wonders what’s going on and asks if she eating her v@gina. Down in the living room – Kenny, Heather, Andrew and Sarah are talking in the living room. Heather says what’s weird about showering in here is that you can’t see your body when you’re naked. Andrew asks uMM… can’t you just look down? Ika comes through the living room and Sarah tells her that she dropped her underwear. Arlie heads straight for it and Sarah calls him out for wanting to smell her underwear. Arlie says he wasn’t going to smell it ..he says he was going to kick it. Andrew asks Heather if they can play ball cup with her mouth.



12:50pm IN the living room Arlie compliments Ika and tells her she looks good today. Ika says thanks! Kenny you look good today. Arlie laughs and says that was mean. Up in the bathroom – Sabrina, Neda and Racehelle talk about Jon not being himself lately. Neda says that she thinks he really misses his girlfriend and family. She says that she thinks he’s jealous of how close Andrew and Kenny are. Sabrina talks about how ever since Andrew won HOH, Kenny has been sleeping up in the HOH with him. The cam switches to Jon in the havenot room talking to Sarah about how close Andrew and Kenny are now. Jon and Sarah talk about how they want to hashtag everyone… #calmthef**kdown. Jon and Sarah talk about how Andrew has been on a power trip ever since he won HOH. They feel bad for Paul. Sarah says that he made a mistake .. everyone does .. I do all the time. Jon says that Paul won’t be able to recover from making those comments to Andrew. Sarah says that she feels bad about what we’re doing because it is a form of bullying. Jon says its hard because you can’t go talk to them, you can’t sit with them because it will ruin your game. Jon says after the game is over, I’ll be the first one to call them (Kyle, Adel and Paul) to tell them what happened in the game stays in the game. Sarah and Jon hope this game changes them (Jon & Sarah) for the better. Jon says the game makes him appreciate what they have outside the house and family so much more. Jon says that he has so much respect for Neda because she’s a single girl and she’s not all over Andrew or the other guys. They talk about how Andrew bosses everyone around. Jon asks do the girls talk about how bossy he is and the sexu@l comments he makes. Sarah says that she isn’t sure because she is kind of on the outs with the girls. Jon says I am kind of afraid if one of the girls wins HOH ..they won’t be strong enough to take a swing at Andrew or Kenny .. they’ll take a swing at lower guys like me or Arlie. Jon comments on how smart Kenny is in terms of this game. Sarah talks about how Heather has told so many lies. Jon says yeah and its catching up to her. Sarah says if I win HOH, I would put up Adel and Paul .. and if one of them comes off I would put up Heather and send her home. The stupid b*tch!
BBCAN2-2014-03-11 09-32-12-581

12:50pm – 1pm UP in the HOH room – Sabrina tells Kenny that Jon told her, Neda, Rachelle and Sarah that we needed to think about thinking about your game by taking out a strong player. Kenny asks why the f**k would he say that. That worries me. Sabrina tells Kenny not to tell anyone that what she tells him. Sabrina tells Kenny that it worries her that Kenny moved all his stuff up to the hoh room. Kenny says yeah because of the blow up. Sabrina says yeah.. She then heads back downstairs.


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10 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada 2 – Sabrina tries to justify sleeping between two dudes..

  1. I called it – I said Sabrina would be the first to hop in bed with a dude. 2nd; I said she’d gain the most weight – we shall see. Otherwise she is pulling some great manipulative moves and getting away with it – cooking for people, doing horrible makeup for people, etc.

  2. Why is Chewbacca shaving her pubes? And why is Andrew always playing with his nose then looking at his finger to see if he was able to dig a surprise?


    The fart convo was hilarious tho…

    Slow day….

  3. Andrew is starting to annoy me, he feels like he is indestructible. He is only where he is because he has won 2 of 4 competitions, but he can’t play for HOH and he can’t win every POV. Sooner or later he will find himself in trouble. Arlie said a few days ago to the cameras that he thinks he’s so intelligent, but if you are that intelligent you don’t go around telling everyone how intelligent you are. I agree! He doesn’t see it yet, but as soon as he is not HOH, people will see him as a threat to get out. Jon, Arlie and Neda already see it, and it looks like Kenny is more with Jon than with Andrew, he knows that for now he is safe around Andrew, but he knows he has to break that eventually. If Allison comes into the house, there will be 3 newfies and I would love to see them work together with Neda. They could do some serious damage! I hope someone has the courage to put Andrew up next week and lets see how he behaves when that happens. The comps so far have been physical, so it should be a quiz or something like that that the girls could have a shot at. But I think the only two that would put Andrew up at this stage are Adel and Paul. The guys will want to take out a girl, and the girls will want to take out Adel. I am liking Kenny, Jon and Arlie. The only girls I like and see going far are Neda and Sarah. Sabrina is playing too hard too fast. She looks like she is in a good position now, but if Andrew gets knocked down a peg or two, or if he gets evicted, her whole game changes. She is trying to play nice with everyone (except Paul and Adel), but people are starting to talk and they know her game. She is shielding herself behind Andrew, but take the shield away and she is so vulnerable and probably not going to win any competitions on her own. Sarah and Neda are playing it under the radar, letting the big personalities expose themselves, while they observe and position themselves.

    As for the secret 3, my pick is still Allison. I don’t like Scott. I feel like he tries too hard. Gary pulled off the drag queen flamboyance as a natural, he doesn’t have to try, it is who he is. I don’t see how Scott would elevate the level of game play, and the drag thing has already been done. I feel for Nate, he seems like a nice guy, and if he had been sent into the house with the core group, he might have had some game, but I guess we will never know because it looks like he is a distant third.

    1. Wow…so there’s only allowed to be 1 drag queen ever to be on BB? That logic makes no sense. Scott is hilarious and I’m pretty sure he is being who he is.

    2. …Gary wasn’t a drag queen though… He was just a really feminine gay guy. I hope more than one mystery HG goes in.

  4. I always wonder if there are ever any naked (butt?) shots of the houseguets. I know weird question. LOL (Those pics at the top made me ask)

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