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I’m starting to think your eniushtasm for The Brigade has been sarcastic. But now that I get it it is funny.Definitely sitting back and winning nothing while Matt won multiple HoHs (keeping the Brigade safe), Britney won multiple Vetos (keeping Lane safe), and even Ragan won a Veto could only be considered heavy lifting in Bizarro world.I do like your sophisticated viewers argument tactic which attempts to paint anyone who opposes as unintelligent or less worthy of consideration. Don’t forget that everyone has the right to their opinion and preference, even when they don’t match yours.The Brigade played the ultimate under-the-radar alliance. They stayed out of the way and out of the drama while the fighters knocked each other out. Winning little to nothing for the majority of the game served them well. HGs burying their heads in the sand could very well become the new gold standard of game play as a result.The only difference between Kathy and Enzo’s game play was the company they kept.