Big Brother 12 Alumni Kristen Bitting on Baggage


Kristen Bitting seems to get a lot of attention for a Big Brother Player that lasted only 4 weeks in the game. She’s been able to leverage some of her BB fame into promotional modelling as a extra on small TV Rolls. Last week we caught her on Betty Whites Off Their Rockers where she played a “Greek Goddess” Feeding grapes to a elderly man. Before that we caught her demoing a “Reverse Triangle from Single leg Position” in a sherdog Fight videos and modelling with Rachel Reilly in Kasanova magazine.

This week we find Kristen on the dating show Baggage hosted by Jerry Springer. Kristen is the second Big brother Alumni to be on the show, the first was Michelle Noonan.

Baggage is a dating game with 4 contestants who are trying to get a date. One of the contestants gets to choose which of the other 3 they want the date with. The 3 contestants each have a suitcase with them, one is small, medium, and large. Each one contains a secret which is called the contestants “Baggage”. The larger the “baggage” (suitcase) the more scandalous the secret will be. Kristen “baggage” was ” I cheated on my boyfriend while on national television” (Her showmance with Hayden on Big Brother 12) In the End the guy picks Kristen to go on a date and Kristen accepts. The Guy had his own baggage which was “if you marry me you also marry my mother” Kristen’s reply to that was that she doesn’t like Momma’s boys but she is also very close to her mother so she wants to try the date.

Kristen was in Season 3 Episode 88 you can view the entire Episode on the Baggage site




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15 thoughts on “Big Brother 12 Alumni Kristen Bitting on Baggage

  1. Kristen is looking hot and even she looks good on the show. However, she and Cassi would be on victoria secret.

  2. She is a good looking but there is just something about her face that seems a little off, thankfully her body is smoking hot.

  3. WTF!!! Kristen doesn’t like Momma’s Boys. Those are practically the people she is drawn to. She cheated on her boyfriend, a thirty-something man for a 24 year old boy living with his parents in Arizona. That boy’s name is Hayden Moss.

      1. Captain you just have to start sh*t with anybody right? You just can’t help yourself; the tendency is embedded in your genes. The right question to ask is not what’s wrong with me but rather what’s wrong with you?

        I bet you’re expecting a furious response since it’s what gets you high and hyped, like an internet masochist but I won’t entertain you. Those days are long gone. I think I know you’re greatest weakness though. From here onward I will simply ignore you.

        1. BB KING I really admire the way you present yourself, you won’t go to the lowest common denominator like so many do (guilty as charged) instead you choose your words carefully and say more in a few words than most will say in a full diatribe. You are the peace maker here on this site and many times the only voice of reason, in the past have you have defended Captain from attacks from others maybe he has forgotten or maybe he just don’t care.
          Don’t want to get all mushy but I really enjoy reading your posts and always will consider you a friend.

          1. Thank you Squabble for your kind words. I too consider you a friend and when I read your posts I know you have a good heart and you are well-intentioned since you always wear your heart on your sleeve. As for Captain, it’s really sad that he turned his guns on one of the few people that never had anything negative or bad to say about him, and stood up for him when he was bullied online.

            He won’t have that protection anymore and that’s his loss. Pretty soon the internet world will chew him up real quickly.

  4. FIRST, I Captain apologize of my action. I’m sorry to everyone I assaulted and I promise I won’t attack anymore. SQUABBLE, i’m promise i won’t assaulted you. You are an awesome friend. The only reason i get off the bad start because you started everything. So, i’m very sorry of everything. Can we be friends? I’ll promise I won’t make negative comments. I just want to make you laugh. I just rechange the poems so i make it much funnier. BBKING, I’M NOTHING AGAINST YOU. Please i’m sorry as well. And Simon, i’m promise i won’t fight and this time it’s for real.

    1. Thank you Captain. I appreciate and accept your apology and at least on my end all is forgiven. It took a lot of guts to say what you did and for that I am proud of you.

    2. Thanks for the apology but.. I have lost my patience with you and all this commenting… I am too busy to micromanage your comments and when the show starts will have even less time. You will experience that the comments you post on this site will take time to go live. If your comments are not of sufficient quality, repetitive, instigate a fight they will be removed and result in a IP ban. Constantly submitting the same comment over and over again will result in a IP ban.

      sorry if this sounds harsh but I’m sick of all this crap.

      1. Good on you Simon…..this is YOUR site and we are guest of yours. This isn’t a free for all, there is a limit. I just thank you guys for having this up.

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