Big Brother 11 Rumors Everywhere, 13+ Housguests, Trannys, going Dutch and returning Favorites

Big Brother spoilers
Big Brother 11 Internets rumors are running amok. We’ve heard almost everything this time from Rob and Amber appearing to Sheila getting dragged back in, however contrary to what the title says theres no Tranny rumor…. yet.

Rumor 1 13+ Houseguests Favorites return

13+ Houseguests – Reality TV BBQ has a seer (Corner Office) posting on their forum they have a solid reputation for giving out legit information. here is what they had to say.

?The 12 House Guests who haven?t been in the house before will be sequestered on Sunday.?

Big Brother 11 Spoilers

From the wording of Corner Office’s post it makes one think that there are 12 NEW Big Brother players and perhaps a old favorite… Like Sheila. When the timing and schedule of the show is factored in it seem fairly possible. Ponder this….. Survivor premieres September 17th which opens up Tuesday September 15th as the finale. Counting the days in between (68days ~10weeks or 10 evictions) and than talking into account Double Eliminations you could see them casting 13 or maybe 14 houseguests. What better way for them to PUMP up ratings than have us all vote which BB couple we wanted to enter the house 4 weeks in.


Going Dutch

House is rumored to be split in 2 like survivor. The houseguests will start with no prize money and through competitions have to increase the prize money and compete for HOH and POV. The is identical to two season of Dutch Big Brother. Dutch Rules divided the house in permanent groups.
From Wikipedia

The housemates were divided in two permanent groups. One group lived in a luxurious part of the house, the other group lived in poverty. On unexpected times a battle was announced, in which the two groups could fight for the right to live on the rich half. Each group had a captain with special duties and privileges (a Head of Household before that name was coined). At any moment each participant was free to challenge his leader in a captains-battle.
The series started out with only six housemates. The others were secluded in a villa in Spain and were only gradually introduced. Each new twosome started with a battle to determine which group they became part of. In Spain, where there were no cameras


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