Big Brother 11 Rumors – BB Favs vs Survivor, denied contestants spill the beans.

Every year there?s a fixed bag of big brother twists, ranging from the Absurd Rob and Amber Mariano Appearance and the infamous tranny on Big Brother 9 to the more likely Fans Vs Favorites twist. Last year everyone thought it was going to be the year for Fans vs Favorites. Big Brother 10 was the perfect candidate being too early for another all star season and right on the heels of the ratings disaster known as Big Brother 9 ( BB9 5.24 compared to BB8 8.89 ). The producers needed a hit to inject new life into the franchise, But sadly we got a twistless summer with crazies like Jerry MacDonald and snore bot Bryan Ollie. The Big Brother franchise is in desperate need of a Fans vs Favs. This is how I see it, take 6 fans picked via the regular casting methods mix in 6 favorites strategically picked for their awesomeness from the past 3 seasons and have one wild card (bitches).

Having written a similar post last year around the possibility of Big Brother Fans vs Favorites and being almost positive that Big Brother 10 was going to be the year I was feeling a little skeptical that they would do it in 2009. What are the chances and is there any evidence? Of course you can read about it on the Internets it is awash with Big Brother 11 rumors and speculation but all we have to go by is the scant dribble of information from the shows celebrities and the lucky few that went through the casting process.


Last year I was contacted by a handful of Big Brother hopefuls which were willing to share their audition experiences, some of it was Shit but there was some truth buried within. I was able to kick it up a notch this year, I had the opportunity to get some feedback from houseguest applicates which went through casting but sadly were denied.
I cut out only the blatant BS, here are some excerpts you might find useful (these aren?t their real names and these people were not selected to be on Big Brother)

From Jude Bagsby, mid 20?s waiter attended: North. Nashville, Tenn casting
?They said they were looking for a muscular guy…. I went to the audition in a tank top I popped it off right away…. They asked me a bunch of questions about past seasons, but fuck i didn’t know a thing. The interview was really quick”
Form Karen, no age given, attended: Flowood, Miss
“They asked me who won big Brother 8,9,10”
From BJ, no age given, attended: Not Available
“Some guy asked me to name off all the recent Big Brother players plus they asked about the Survivor. I told them I watched every season of survivor but only the Big Brother All Stars Season”

From steph, 20 attended: Loves Park, Ill
“it was so weird they just ask me to read out a bunch lines like I was hosting a HOH or POV competition than they wanted to confirm I was only 20 … They asked me if I would be distracted if I met a known Survivor player”
From Anonymous, attended: Not Available
“since I?ve already been on survivor they asked me if I thought Big Brother was going to be too easy… my reply was that it’ll be easier but still a worthy challenge”

From Lucy, attended: Not Available
“I wrote on the application that I was a long time big brother fan…. All the questions involved the last 3 seasons with extra
Attention given to Nick Starcevic and Jen Johnson.. LOL I didn’t know They were together!”

From Anonymous, attended: Not Available
They asked me if I considered any of the previous houseguests to be celebrities. i told them not really, i don’t really remember anyone beside Janelle and Kayser

Big Brother Fans vs Favorites or Survivor favorites VS Big Brother?

Producers seem to be looking for people with knowledge of the last 3 Seasons. This could mean they are only picking the “favorites” from those seasons plus players from before that are getting a little long in the tooth. If this is the case will the audience get to pick from a pool of previous big brother players or will the producers cherry pick the ones that produce the highest Drama (ratings) hmmmm..?
There was also been speculation that there may be a survivor/Big Brother tie in. Taking previous survivor players and mixing them in with previous Big Brother players. Who can outlast in the Big Brother house Survivor or Big brother? Some years during the BB casting regiment Survivor rejects (Matty Mic?) have been asked to audition for Big Brother, this is pretty apparent based on the frequency of Survivor questions. We can only wish they won’t tie survivor into BB.

Big Brother 11 Short Season or business like usual

Another hotly debated point, will be whether or not big brother will be a shortened season because CBS has announced that the Primetime Emmy Awards will air on Sunday, September 13th, a week earlier than previously reported as well as football airing the following Sunday. This leaves us with a 10week season. The robot Julie Chen also stated that there is only 10 houseguests but this could very well have been a mistake since Julie Chen never reveals anything this early before the show starts. I was able to gather up the times Big Brother 11 will air and by my calculations there?s a good chance of us seeing 13 houseguests with a possible double double eviction.
So Where does this leave us? a lot of questions still remain but one thing for certain whatever they got brewing it?s going to be big. If they decide to bring back some old houseguests shits going to hit the fan! Image What kind of fucking mad house it be with Dick Donato and porno James Zinkland teaming up against a horde of Big Brother Newbs? Sadly i doubt James will be there seeing he’s overseas.

Random Twists from around the web

Have Sequester house filmed. The sequester house will be filmed by a regular TV crew it will not be a 24Hour live feed. The show will air on ShowTime from midnight to 3 AM on a daily basis.
Strict lights out policy and wake up times. Serious regimentation. Chores. Etc?. Almost to the point where the season would be referred to as Big Brother Boot Camp.
Nominees picking someone they want to play them in the POV, as opposed the picking a ?blessed by god ping pong ball?. If that person the nominee selected wins the Power of Veto they have to take you off the block.
Outgoing Head of Household is allowed to play for the following weeks HOH

That?s all we got for now..

Disclaimer: Part of the above information has not been confirmed with anyone formally involved in Big Brother.

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OMFG if theres just a ounce of truth in these rumors BB11 is going to be INSANE!

Did anyone else hear that gretchen Massey is pregnent and thats why she’s not doing the show


i hope its a fan vs favortes year i would love to see if dick in the bb 11 house lets see if he can won wtihout ameica player help


Well I can tell you right now that this will definitely NOT be a Survivor vs. BB season. Why would they choose 40 new finalists to fly to LA for this season? There has to be some NEW houseguests. It totally could be a fans vs. favorites year, but that doesn’t seem to valid either.


If they have a Fans vs. Favs then who will they bring back as favorites. I don’t think they’d bring back Janelle, Kaysar, Danielle, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Erica, or Howie and they are BIG TIME FAVS. Everyone who was on Big Brother 9 (zzzzzz’s) was absolutely boring and Big Brother 10 was boring and didn’t have anyone who’s worth bringing back; well maybe besides Libra or Jessie. Evel Dick made all of season 8 and everyone else was BORING. I really hope BB’s ratings don’t go down. I am a big fan of the show but the past few seasons have been ridiculously terrible.


I would Love to see them put 7 Guys against 7 Girls, a war between the sexes! Fun.

Joker 447
Joker 447

They need to do a big brother spazz case season…

Here is who you need: That Fireman Eric clown from seas. 5 or 6, Evil Dick, Jesse, Russell, Howie, Jen ( For Dick ), throw in Jerry, and then that chick that threw her boyfriend Ryan under the bus saying he was racist. Casey, that Jazz dude I think his name was who all the houseguests hated on like s. 4 I believe. And a couple of those gay guys from past episodes to stir pots that don’t need to be stirred. And a couple more psychos that Im probably forgetting