3 Reasons to watch Celebrity Big Brother 2012 (UK)

I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of Big Brother UK and even less of a Celebrity Reality Show fan but this year I might change and give Celebrity Big Brother 2012 another look. While I wait for BIG BROTHER 14 US to come out. If you are new to the UK variety of Big Brother i’ll sum it up in 2 words NO FEEDS. BBUK has less strategy but generally more raw entertainment it’s like a giant popularity contest because the viewers opinions count the most. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I’m more holding out for the Big Brother summer 2012 season but if you can’t wait.

Celebrity BB started today you can watch the live streams from the show and check out the cast list here . There’s no Charlie Sheen or Lindsay lohan but there is still 3 very good reason to watch and they basically boil down to eye candy, Mr Blonde and a KICK ASS Diary Room Chair

Big Brother 2012

Reason Number 1 – Mr Blonde Michael Madsen’s aka Mr Blonde from Reservoir Dogs and Sin City. When asked why go on Big Brother UK Michael says.. “I like to diversify. And I am all about longevity. I want to be doing this for as long as I can.” also Michael’s close friend Vinnie Jones was on last year. Either way He was awesome in the movies should be interesting character on BB.

Reason Number 2 – Play Boy Twins
Kristina and Karissa Shannon two of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends from 2008-2010 and stars of E! series The Girls Next Door.

Reason Number 3 – Georgia Salpa
Smoking hot Glamour Model.

Here’s a complete list of the cast from Channel 5

Pineapple Dance Studio star Andrew Stone
Actress and Loose Woman Denise Welch
Former X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza
Retired Welsh professional rugby player Gareth Thomas
Model Georgia Salpa
Towie’s Kirk Norcross
Glamour twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon
Award-winning Hollywood star Michael Madsen
Former Eastenders actress Natalie Cassidy
Glamorous babe Natasha Giggs
Page 3 girl and TV personality Nicola McLean
So Solid Crew’s Romeo Dunn

Over 30 thousand Live Feed screen captures were archived this year.
Big Brother 13 Live Feed Image Gallery

Big Brother 14 has been confirmed and the Big Brother 14 Application form and rules have been released. Big Brother 14 Casting Calls should be known in March.

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BB King

Simon in BB UK I heard that the viewers vote to evict players instead of the HGs, is this true? If so BB UK is more like a popularity contest than it is a strategy game, which would kill it for me.

Frank Granda jr.

I’m BACK from my winter vacation in Sun Valley and it was Beautiful & Cold Brrrrrrrrrrrr! The skiing was marvelous and there were PLENTY of “Snow Bunnies” of the ‘Playboy Twins’ variety all around. My girlfriend had her eyes MORE on where MY EYES were than the where she was skiing :-) As for BB UK it sounds really stupid. I would not care to watch it UNLESS it was more like Showtime’s Big Brother After Dark. Uncensored and Racy! Although, for the last couple of years, even BB here has been too family friendly even on Showtime. The BEST BB Showtime feeds EVER came from Big Brother Season 9 (WOW! Now THAT was the most FUN Big Brother Uncensored Live Showtime After Dark Season EVER!) Why did Allison Grodner tame down the BB Showtime After Dark so much since then? People started to say that it wasn’t worth watching BB on Showtime anymore, because it has been so tamed down compared to Season 9. I agree. Maybe BB UK is more sexy and Uncensored than our BB and that’s why it’s so popular in England?


Isn’t that the same cast as Tru TV’s worlds dumbest? Oh just a bunch of “celebrities” that the British find interesting , kinda like Benny Hill.


one word HOT! Twins are smoken hot


gonna watch just because of the girls :)