Big Brother BBQ – “Kick back with a cold beer, a juicy burger and hot buns around the pool!”

8:41pm Nicole goes into the diary room. The others plan to play a practical joke on her because she thinks something is happening tonight. As soon as she goes into the diary room they all start screaming – OH MY GOD!! WE MADE IT! MOM! DAD! OH MY GOD! NICOLE! WHERE’S NICOLE!! Soon after Nicole comes rushing out of the diary room to realize they were playing a prank on her. They all laugh.

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“that’s not the type of game player I am I don’t make deals I don’t offer things to people “

3:12 pm Cliff and Nicole
Cliff says Jackson and Holly swore he’s good. He talked to Tommy and Tommy said he’s keeping him
Nicole – obviously you have my vote. I haven’t told Jess that. (don’t bother she won’t know any different)
Nicole – just so you know I’m telling Jess that I’m still thinking

Nicole – I talked to her last night she’s like I’m not campaigning I’m done what Can I offer people
N – I was like, Jess, Speak from your heart. She was like how can I. It’s not worth it. I’m like talk to people. Play your game. TALK TO PEOPLE
N – that’s the type of game player I am I don’t make deals I don’t talk to people

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