Jackson “If I’m going to be on the block on Thursday.. I’m BLOWING SH*T UP! BLOWING IT UP! KAPOW!”

8:35pm Bedroom. Tommy and Holly. Tommy – I want them to make up. Holly – I do too. I really do. Tommy – I am pissed at Jackson .. gamewise but.. I want them to make up badly. Holly – I am mad at his (Jackson) game.. well I am mad at his (Jack) game also. I am actually mad at the six. For A, not trusting me. B informing me. C respecting my HOH. I am actually trying really, really hard to not to be as mad as I think I should be. But I am taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture. Tommy – you do know I tried really hard to come talk to you… and I spoke my mind when I was upstairs .. and no one spoke up for me. I felt so alone. Holly – I mean the whole Kat thing. Why didn’t anyone just ask us if we knew each other?!

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Christie “Michie goes this week and Cliff goes next week.. this should be fun!”

5pm HOH room. Jess, Kat, Nicole, Holly and Sis.
Holly – both of the guys knew it was coming. Jess – I know it sucks that its just a repeat of another HOH.. and legit 24 hours ago that probably would not have been the case. And seriously like so much information.. I was like information over load. In all honesty it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with me because like I said I wasn’t apart of the 9, the 8, or the 6. And none of them took me into consideration with absolutely any of the votes, any of the flips or any of the anythings. Like figure it out.. In all honestly its about making everyone else happy. One banished me and one put me up. I wasn’t going to touch any of you ladies.

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“I’m just sad and really confused right now with everything.. I really have to pee”

2:57 pm Sis and Jack

Sis crying.
Jack – this game’s hard
Sis – I know I f*ing hate it I signed up for the wrong thing

Sis – I really trust you and everything. I don’t know what to do about Christie.
Sis – it makes me scared because if she was close to you and is doing whatever the f* she is doing I don’t even want to know what she could do with me
Jack – I already know what I am going to do
Sis – what
Jack – I don’t even want to say it out loud. I know what I am going to do
Sis – I don’t know what to do

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“I’m not going to take credit for manifesting your win But I prayed .. I prayed in the booth”

12:54 pm Jessica and Christie
Jessica – what happened yesterday through me for a loop
Christie goes on about hos “painfully awkward” today is.

Jessica – I kinda have an idea of what has to happen

Christie – you have my full support. I respect and I support you in no matter what you do what you do
Christie – I’m not going to take credit for manifesting your win But I prayed .. I prayed in the booth..

Christie says she prayed that someone from the other side wins HOH ” I feel that there needs to be a shift something needs to happen. I feel like your win had to be”
Jessica goes on how she doesn’t want to backdoor anyone

Jessica – you are someone I trust whole heartily
Christie – same
Jessica – I was never part of the 6 the 8 or the nine

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“I’m trying to think .. this comes down to two big guys.. If one of them comes off put one of the four up”

4:07 am Holly, Jessica, and Kat

Holly is going over some of the excitement before the feeds.
Holly said she listened into sis and Tommy talking about they were going to flip the vote but not tell Sam because they wanted him to go ahead with his original speech so that they weren’t onto them flipping
Holly – did that just happened.
Kat – what got to me is they both looked me straight in the eye and said I swear to god. Sis you’re such a bad liar
Holly – that made my heart sink. She also told me today she called me a b1tch
Kat – Jack and Sis were scheming all-day

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