Power Of Veto Competition Results! “I know I did really bad”

*** updated ***

3:08am Tyler and kaycee
They talk about the plan being Haleigh, Sam then JC.
Tyler doesn’t like the confident JC has thinking that he has BRett.
Kaycee agrees notes that JC doesn’t have brett at all.

Tyler – I’m telling you if JC F*ing wins.. He’ll try whatever he can to get two of you up there..
Kaycee doesn’t think JC will win on Thursday.
Tyler about JC ‘He literally thinks he’s control everything”
They agree JC has been on the right side of the vote but it’s them that control everything.
Tyler says JC will be pissed when he finds out about level 6

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“we have 5 outta 6 percent odds here. That’s like a 84% chance.. she goes home..”

12:41pm Just chit chat…
Haleigh asks him where is a spot they take girls on dates..
Brett – I almost always go sushi never met a girl that doesn’t like Sushi
Brett – I’ve never met a girl that goes No I don’t like sushi.. .it’s the perfect first date.. it’s clean it’s little..
Kaycee – and if they don’t like sushi this isn’t going to work
Brett – that to
Brett doesn’t want to go for spaghetti and ribs on their first meal
Brett – sushi every time .. then we’re going dancing ..

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