Haleigh the Hacker “I’m going to let everyone know & tell Angela that she’s a dumba$$!”

*** Updated ***
9:45pm Hammock. Fes and Haleigh. Haleigh – I need to tell you something. I am the hacker. Fes – really!? I knew it! Haleigh – No you didn’t. I am going to call a house meeting and tell everyone. Fes – why would you do that? Haleigh – because Bayleigh is taking the heat for something she didn’t do. Fes – no you’re not going to do that. Did you tell Baleigh? Haleigh nods. Fes – are you being for real? Haleigh – yes. Fes – No, that means you’re going to be the target. Haleigh – Bayleigh is up there for something she didn’t do. People are being rude to her. I am going to tell everyone. Fes – NO! Haleigh – its the only way to keep Bayleigh here. Fes – you know who will be coming after you next week Angela, Tyler.. that’s pretty much it I guess. F**k Haleigh!?

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Bayleigh “It’s hard, I want to go off on Angela so bad!”

8:06pm Bedroom. Rockstar, Haleigh and Bayleigh. Bay – everyone is saying its just a game and we’ll all be friends outside of here. NOPE! I don’t want to be friends with no body! All these lying, backstabbing, all this little drama running around just causing problems in real life so that you can wreck my life. Not thank you, I’m good! Rockstar – right. Bay – it is a game and game moves I can respect. But for you to disrespect a person. If I was running around cussing people out and saying this and this and that or being nasty. People would be like hey that needs to stop. That’s not okay. When he said power trip is over honey! I literally wanted to kill him.

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“Classless.. Trashy a$$.. spoiled a$$, rich a$$ kids .. I’ve never broke a pinky swear.

**** uPDATED *****

1:30pm Rocks, Fes and Bay
Rocks – I just really can’t stand any of these people
Bay – these are the people America loves
ROcks – these are the people we needed to get rid of the first week

Rocks – Angela tell us someone else you dated in your modelling career.. Shut the f* up
Rocks says it’s possible to be very pretty and cool, “I only find her one of those”
Bay – I don’t find her either
Bay thought she was cool but not now..
Bay – nice body.. Real nice body..
Fes says it’s not his type of body

Big Brother Spoilers – The Hive is so clueless..

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“I had a really good reputation before this show and now it’s ruined.. “

***** UPDATED ******

10:37am Sam and Bayleigh 
Sam is worried that cameras are going to capture her body or her doing something (Shower head?)
Sam – do anything that could be misconstrued ..
Bayleigh – neither am I.. honestly wish had had never signed up for this show
Bay – I had a really good reputation before this show and now it’s ruined..
B – Allowing these people to get at me.. the things we talk about the things we do about the cussing that goes along in this house

Big Brother Spoilers

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