Big Brother 15 BIGGER Than EVER Before! MORE House Guests NEEDED!

Big Brother 15 casting

With the finale of Big Brother Canada airing tomorrow on May 2, 2013, we can’t help but feel saddened by the conclusion of the first season. Thankfully with the ending of one season comes the beginning of a new season.

Big Brother 15 premières in just 56 days on Wednesday, June 26, 2013, which is approximately 2 weeks earlier than usual and something that has never been done before in the last 14 seasons. This means this that our summer reality TV obsession is going to be that much longer giving us MORE Drama, MORE Outrageousness , MORE Fights, MORE Showmances, MORE Scheming, MORE Slop, MORE Pandora’s Box’s and MORE Twists than EVER BEFORE!

In the following video Big Brother host Julie Chen mentions Big Brother 15 on her talk show “The Talk” and says that it is going to be EVEN BIGGER with MORE HOUSE GUESTS than EVER BEFORE! She urges fans that although casting locations have concluded you still have time to apply online: HERE

Big Brother 14 Cast semi Finalists have all been notified No Final Decisions Yet


Robyn Kass (@kassting) Tweeted today that the Big Brother 14 Cast finalists have all been notified but no final decisions have been made. If you haven’t received any calls from BB Casting then you’re out of luck for the 2012 season. As we’ve heard time and again persistence is necessary to get on this show. Like last year things can change in the BB Casting process at the last minute and we could end up [...]

Big Brother 14 Application Deadline MAY 11th


The Big Brother 14 submission deadline is May 11th, 2012, midnight Pacific Standard Time. Applying for Big Brother has never gotten easier with this years online application. Be one of the Big Brother 14 Cast and send your application in before Midnight. Here are the steps Step 1 – Make a video here is how you do it Step 2 – Save a current picture of yourself, and video to your computer, so they are [...]

Big Brother 14 Casting Audition: Winner Dan Gheesling Offers Advice

Big Brother 14 Casting Call Auditions with Dan Gheesling

Big Brother 14 is fast approaching with just over 2 months to go! The Big Brother 14 Premiere has been officially set for July 12, 2012. There is only one day left to submit your casting audition application, so if you think you have what it takes? You need to get down to one and show them why they need to choose you! Big Brother 14 Casting Applications DEADLINE is Friday, May 11th at midnight! Fill out the online application form now before time runs out!

On May 8th there was an open Big Brother Casting Calls at CBS 62 Studio in Southfield, Michigan where “All Types of Gods Creations” turned up to audition for what could be the BEST Big Brother Season Yet! Auditioning were actors and actresses along with people like you and I for the opportunity to be cast on one of the best reality TV shows and the chance to fight for the half a million dollar grand prize.

Need Help Getting on BB? Read Me On TV: The First Ever Kick-Ass Guide To Get You On Any Reality TV Show


Big Brother Casting Calls may be coming to a end but there is still time to fill out the online application form The submission deadline is May 11th, 2012, midnight Pacific Standard Time.

Getting onto Big Brother or any other reality TV show is tough it takes work and persistence. Gone are the days of being discovered by a reality TV casting directory while casually walking by a open casting call. Of course there is always the exception, every year a person gets cast on Big Brother based solely on there… umm “personality” but for the vast majority of people to be successfully cast you must bump up your game and work on it.

There has been plenty of great resources available this year to help Big Brother hopefuls get onto BB14 and this new book from Casting Director Sarah Monson is another great tool in your arsenal. The book is called “Me On TV: The First Ever Kick-Ass Guide To Get You On Any Reality TV Show”

Big Brother 14 Legal Contract


Attached below is the Legal contract you must sign if you are one of the lucky Big Brother 14 Cast members. It’s a long document 36 pages in all, if you take the time to read it in full you will realize that CBS Production has pretty much complete control. It’s their show so this is understandable.

Here are some tidbits I took out of the contract

Production can change the rules at any time
I’m surprised this isn’t abused more by CBS

I understand that my failure or refusal to comply with the Series Rules (as they may be changed, modified or amended by Producer in its sole discretion from time to time with or without prior notice to me) in any respect or to any degree may result in (subject to Producer’s sole discretion) my immediate elimination from the Series and the forfeiture of any and all prizes, stipends or other monies even if already rewarded, granted, earned or received by me.

Big Brother 2012 Casting Looking for “ALL TYPES of GOD’s creations”


Casting calls for Big Brother 2012 have been going for the last 2 weeks. Already we’ve had Los Angeles, San Francisco, Charleston, New Orleans, Boston, Uncasville, and Cincinnati. Robyn Kass (@Kassting) tweeted That the turn out so far has been great. Some pictures from the auditions shows a line up in LA with a guy in crutches waiting..

The next batch start again April 14 2012, With Scottsdale, Denver, Louisville. Followed by Tulsa , Odessa , Columbus , Topeka, Boise, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh. There has not been a date set for the Miami Casting Calls. If you are serious about getting on the show give Dan Gheesling’s Book a look it’ll definitely give you the edge. Dan has also released a series of great blog posts giving out Casting tips including videos showing the casting process.

Big Brother 14 Casting Tips by Dr.Michele


Remember Michelle Noonan from Big Brother 11? she was the scientist that made it to final 5 with Jeff, Jordan, Natalie and Kevin. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think she was the first and only PhD to be on the show. Michele has definitely changed a bit since Big Brother she now has a site called “Scientifically proven tips for better living from America’s favorite scientist”. In it she writes about beauty, life, money, health.. pretty much everything.

Big Brother 14 Open Casting Calls


Big Brother 14 Open Casting Calls – RELEASED

The first round of Big Brother 14 open auditions are now scheduled. This is probably one of the best ways to get onto the show. A high percentage of the successful candidates get on by first going to a audition. Of course this year Casting is easier than ever with the new online application form. Going into a open casting call gives you valuable interview experience. The entire process of becoming a Big Brother 14 cast member is pretty involved with multiple interviews so the sooner you get use to talking with producers and casting the better.

Big Brother 14 Online Application


BB14 Online Application

Looks like the site active today, this will enable BB14 hopefuls a easy application process. Gone is the need to fill out and mail a lengthy application form with casting Video. The entire Casting Process can now be done here is the link

Dan Gheesling Book: How to get Cast on Big Brother

Dan Geeshling

Dan Gheesling’s Book is out “How A Normal Guy Got Cast On Reality TV” and hisin-depth Step By Step Guide to Getting on Reality TV The first one is free the second one costs some money but is well worth it

If you are thinking about applying to Big Brother 14 or any other major reality TV show Big Brother 10 winner
Dan Gheesling has written his story and gives crucial advice on how to do it. I believe this book will become the DE facto guide to the Big Brother Casting Process for regular people (large chested blonde’s and buff model dudes need not read this)

We’ve been a fan of Dan since we saw him destroy the competition on Big Brother 10. It’s players like this that we need more of. I highly recommend picking this book up if you plan to fill out that Big Brother 14 Application.

Big Brother Casting News and Links from the Internets (2012-02-10)


Big Brother 14 Casting

It’s getting close to that time of year again, Robyn Kass is starting to tweet about BB14 Auditions and Casting procedures. If you are one the fence about applying just do it, fill out the application form. If you find that too hard there making it even easier this year with online casting submission. From last years cast it’s become apparent they are in desperate need of fresh blood you could be that person to make Big Brother 2012 the best. Online submission has yet to opened up to the public. Don’t forget to sign up to our Google+ page we’re rolling out all the best most complete Big Brother Spoilers and google+ is a key component this year.

Big Brother 14 Confirmed Summer 2012 and Application and rules outlined


We’ve just survived a Season of BIG BROTHER and CBS has announced that BIG BROTHER 14 is a go for summer 2012. Thought Big Brother 13 Sucked? we’ll it kinda did but according to the TV ratings it rocked which is good news means CBS is keeping our favorite show around.

This summer’s edition of BIG BROTHER delivered its largest audience and highest adult 18-49 ratings since 2004 with year-to-year increases of +4% in viewers (8.11m from 7.80m), +11% in adults 18-49 (3.1/09 from 2.8/09), +4% in adults 18-34 (2.5/09 from 2.4/08) and +12% in adults 25-54 (3.7/10 from 3.3/09).

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Dynamic Duo and Confirmed Cast Bios

Big Brother 13 adam

Here they are folks the BIG BROTHER 13 CAST BIOS. We revealed the cast this morning at 6am and it looks like a great bunch. Before you get excited there is a catch, looks like they are dragging 6 former houseguests out of the gutter to be on the show. Hmmmm not sure what you all think of this could be awesome could be a BLANK storm of suck, the thought of having Eval Dick in the house going to war with Rachel is WICKED but then there is the chance of of having to listen to Mike Booger talk about his big hips.. UGH.

OBB favorite for the year based on looks alone goes to Cassie check out the BB13 Cassie bikini pics Also Porsche is friends with Janelle or at least they know each other. proof

Big Brother 13 Cast … ALMOST There **updated**


Today is the Day the Big Brother 13 Cast is interviewed by the various media sources. The Casting Director Robyn Kass has tweeted over the weekend that the announcement is coming up

Earlier today she tweeted that it’s going to be a big week for us BIG BROTHER 13 Fans. This can mean only one thing A) we are going to get info about the Big Brother 13 House and possibly know a bit about the BB13 Twists and B) the Cast will be announced this week.

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